There couldn’t be a better fit for No Mad Sky then the combination of these three artists. They have an undeniable chemistry between them.

Dave Whitenect is on vocals and guitars. Dave’s influences are an interesting collage of SRV & Foo Fighters to Metallica, I Mother Earth, Creed & Stone Temple Pilots. Dave’s vocals have a solid true raspy, rock edge & has an amazing musical ability to emote an original rock sound into his music.

Jeff Hawkins is on Bass (now guitar!). This guy has an easy going, relaxed approach to his musical abilities. He has an unbelievable natural ability to bring volume and substance to their music. Hawkins brings years of experience and consistency to their music as a whole. He truly is a pro at naturally adapting to songs as they progress and making them awesome.

Mike Evans is on drums. Mike has been playing drums from a young age with roots from a drum corp origin.  Influences from Rock and Prog Rock to Metal and Pop, covering all genres of music.  With studio experience he brings a solid foundation to the mix.

Devin Small on bass – New to the band that now rounds things out to a 4pc band! Devin brings a solid level of playing and experience to the band. With heavy music tastes and influences, Devin is helping take No Mad Sky in a slightly new direction! Welcome Devin!