Montes – OCT 11 – No Mad Sky single release party with friends!

Monte’s presents..
Show starts at 10 – just $6 at the door!

With amazing support from our friends:
Smoke ‘N Rhythm & North of Nowhere

We are proudly releasing our single “REAPER” to the world! Please drop by, have a drink, say hi and have a listen!

No Mad Sky is a three member band hailing from the outskirts of Halifax Nova Scotia.

Dave Whitenect is on vocals & guitars. Dave’s vocals have a solid true raspy, rock edge & has an amazing musical ability to emote an original rock sound into the music he writes.

Jeff Hawkins is on vocals & bass. Jeff has an unbelievable natural ability to bring volume and substance to their music. Hawkins brings years of experience and consistency to their music as a whole. He truly is a pro at naturally adapting to songs as they progress and equally helps make them memorable and awesome.

Mike Evans is on drums and is the newcomer to No Mad Sky, but it’s as if these 3 boys have always played together. Mike is a seasoned musician with a wealth of experience and knowledge that elevates No Mad Sky and their music. Mikes drumming ability is smooth and silky, but he can turn up the rock when needed!

No Mad Sky brings about an exciting twist to traditional rock and roll and coaxes it alive with a new, heart pounding, southern groove! These 3 boys know how to get it done!

Their music has been featured in an American movie trailer, American Backwoods:Slew Hampshire as well as in the season 12 promo for The Trailer Park Boys!

The boys of No Mad Sky are down to earth & known for their memorable songs, hard work & dedication to their music.

Smoke ‘N Rhythm was officially formed in 2017, however, it’s two founding members, guitarist Louis-Paul and lead singer Sebastian, have been writing music together for almost 20 years. Along with Myles on Trumpet, Anson on keys, Andru on drums, Anna on sax, James on bass and Jenna on back up vocals, SNR has come together in the most perfect way. Although SNR is a reggae group, the variety of backgrounds each member brings to the table makes for a fusion of roots reggae, dance-hall, blues, jazz, rock, and soul. Combined with the foundation of reggae, SNR has the unique privilege of not being set to one style of music, and this allows for a wonderful mix of styles.

North of Nowhere’s music could best be described as a unique blend; equal parts punk rock and alternative ballad. Drawing inspiration from their experiences growing up in rural Nova Scotia in hard working towns they are inspired by the artists who came before them and those that are still banging heads today. North of Nowhere perfectly blends pop sensibilities with fierce riffs that can take you from bobbing your head to thrashing in the pit. The journey has just begun. Welcome to North of Nowhere.